Exotic Vampirella Pin-up Portrait

vampirella pin-up portrait original art gothic exotic VAMPIRELLA portrait Vampirella pin-up portrait media: oil on comicbook backing board signed and sealed by the artist

in progress


IN PROGRESS… …new books in the works!! [previewz coming soon] + moAr art in progress Black Cat Beauty soon finishing on ebay

VAMPIRELLA of DRACULON #5 Recreation Pencil Study

works in progress

works in progress VAMPIRELLA of DRACULON #5 recreation 20 X 28″ mixed media on gesso primed heavyweight paper WOLVERINE FEMME : sexymOde a supergurLz short action sequence mixed media on comicbook backing board supergirl…in trouble…again mixed media on bristol

vampirella photoset mark beachum cosplay comic art illustration sexy superhero supergurlz.net

Vampirella Photoset

VAMPIRELLA PHOTOSET watch out for the new Vampirella photoset on the main site will be up later tonight

Art Lab Update

Art Lab Update

ART LAB UPDATE always something cooking at the lab for sure there’s plenty going on… take a peak new Flare, Deadly Nightshade, Wonder Woman, Tentacles, Black Cat etc etc and moar

Vampirella Nude Tease naked superhero mark beachum adult fantasy art

Vampirella: Nude Tease

Vampirella: Dream of a Nude Tease  up for bids here …dreamt of her is this what you wanted to see dream of her

Harley Quinn making

Harley Quinn In Making

original Harley Quinn + Joker vs Batman piece size: 14 x 17″ watercolor mixed media wip see detailed closeups here the only good thing about suicide squad film is that this painting came out under the influence, but then again who influenced whom… those who’ve paid attention to Mark Beachum in the 90s will know the answer..

good things come to those who wait

Good things come to those who wait…

reconsidered putting clothes on ms. Mischief.. Harley Quinn’s fate is thus unknown.. will she be topless, nude or scantily clad remains to be seen. .. perhaps it has something to do with Batman and Joker there… maybe Vampi got even more attention since these photos were taken the other night, will post an update in the ‘completed art’ section soon …